Welcome to Region's Road!  

Region's Road is the new name for Dan Region's From The Road Column. After writing 95 columns I decided it was time for a change. I decided the columns deserved their own website as well. The old From The Road columns are accessable from the Columns page along with the new Region's Road columns beginning with episode 0096.

The point of the column remains the same; to slow down, relax and have a look at what lies between points A and B on the road of life.

I have not at this time converted the old From The Road columns to the new format and design, but you can still read them here and on Dan Region.com.

I am offering a new feature in that you can not only read the columns, but you will be able to listen to the columns as Podcasts.

Podcasts are basically just mp3 audio files. You will have several choices. You will be able to Listen to the podcast, Download the podcast to your computer and listen to it any time you wish, or you may Subscribe to it as a Podcast.

By subscribing you are telling the software in your computer, iTunes or whatever other program you use, to subscribe to this particular podcast. Everytime you open that program or plug in your iPod, the program will check to see if there is a new Region's Road Podcast available. If there is, iTunes will automatically download it for you. Subscribing to a Region's Road podcast is free.

At the moment we are still working out the technical end of the Subscribe feature, but should have it worked out in a few days.

I hope you will kick back, relax and enjoy the new columns both in print and as audio and I hope ya like the new look of the site as well. I will also be offering my fiction, stories and novels, as podcasts soon on my other new site, Mesa Azul.com.

Here’s hopin’ I run into you one day along Region’s Road.

Daniel Region